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How You can create real WEALTH through Real Estate!

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Discover How To:

Identify what is truly important to you and invest more time doing it...

Understand the laws, formulas and principles of success that have served and worked for decades, maybe even centuries...

Establish your work-life balance while still achieving massive success...

Here’s what some of the students I’ve worked with have to say: 

See For Yourself…

Sharon T. (Charlotte, NC)

"Bought a business valued at $400k for $250k. Have increased margins by 15%, which is now at 38%."

John F. (Colchester, UK)

"Both my partner and I have left the rat race and have increased our net worth to about $1.2 million. We own over 50 investment properties worth about $3.8 million. 
Thank you Brad!"

Daniel Turner

"The course acted as a catalyst that has created enormous growth in me personally and financially. I feel more balanced and capable than ever before in my life."

Imagine how exceptional your life would be if you stopped working for success... and started attracting it to you, using the same strategies and formulas I use every day...

It's ever so simple on the surface ...

You have to grow into your goals and grow into your dreams.  

And, when you grow your life changes, your relationships grow, your wealth grows, your health grows ... you know this is how it works, and here is your chance to do that with me for 2 days and start that amazing life plan now ... invest in yourself now ...

Oh, and it's a workshop setting ... so you will both learn and apply the exact steps I use every year to create the person you need to be to attract the life you choose to have.  

This is not a time to wait ...

You see, if you're not achieving all your dreams and goals (or even if you are and want to keep doing that) , or if you are in a place of discomfort, where there are things inside you that are holding you back, maybe self-limiting beliefs, maybe thoughts on how things should be ... ideas you have been holding onto for decades or maybe even your whole life...

It's time to join me and take the leap ...

What if I could show you the proven principles for your life success and the strategies for systematic personal growth so you can attract your dreams and goals into reality so much faster and easier ...

Remember you don't get what you want you get what you attract ...

Change happens by creating your road map ... a road map that answers these questions ...

 What is truly holding you back from being the person you NEED to be ...?

 What does your future self look like? Who do you need to become ...?

 What are the conditions you need for your success NOW ...?

Over 2 days, I will personally coach you through the principles that have given me the life I have and together we will apply my formulas to set you up for massive success ...

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with a totally fresh set of eyes and a foundational plan to create a new narrative for yourself

... Act Now ...

Here's WHY my PURPOSE event will work for  you ...

Let me be blunt, you see seminars don't work, the people who come to them do...

And if you have a great mentor and teacher you will not only learn during an event but you will take the first steps and set the process in motion that cannot be stopped ...

That's why for 2 days, online in a virtual setting, I will guide you directly.

I will coach you and mentor you and push you through the inertia to get your dreams and goals coming your way ... this is a workshop ... and we will both learn and work together to make this happen ...

You will show up focused and committed to both learn and apply the systems and formulas I’ve compiled and applied over the course of my life ... you will start to attract the success you’re after. 

There is one reason that people don’t get value out of events like these, and it’s simple...

They just get to listen and don't start doing the work. Not here, we will do the work together, I'll show you exact examples from my life ... come join me ...

This is an interactive virtual experience like you’ve never attended before ... 

Throughout the two days, you'll get to:

 Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world

 Participate in small-group activities with others

 Practice what you’re learning in real-time

And more ... 

All of this from the comfort of your own home – in a supportive and motivating online environment.

(Get the joke, Sugars - Sweeten bahahaha - OK so Dad joke)

BONUS #1:  90 Days To Revolutionize Your Life

(Value $2,997TODAY FOR FREE

Life, Business and Wealth principles last forever. They don't change with the birth and death of industries, and they never cease to play a role in how businesses grow. 

"90 Days to Revolutionize your LIFE" is a 90-day stream of hard-won principles that I have personally developed over the past 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor. 
The 90 videos in this program represent the most potent entrepreneurial, wealth and life advice I can possibly give you. You can go through it once, twice or as many times as you need to grasp and implement all the strategies, ideas, formulas and lessons ... you can watch it over and over again on your own schedule by yourself or with your team ...

BONUS #2: Pay in FULL Bonus and you bring another person


If you want to go fast, go alone ... if you want to go far, go together ... this African Proverb is the exact reason I want to give you a free ticket for your friend or family member ...
It's crazy to think how much easier it is when we learn and grow together. Someone to bounce ideas off, someone to help you both understand and implement. 

Two minds are better than one they say. Who would be on your list to bring with you ...? A family member, your spouse or partner, a friend who you know wants success and wealth the same way you do ... or maybe your child or grandchild ... the choice is yours when you pay up front ...

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you pay only: $5,997

Next live event Starts...

October 11th - 12th, 2023, from 7am - 2pm PST




Everything Brad does has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after you attend the first LIVE or VIRTUAL EVENT you believe the course will not benefit to you we will happily refund your entire investment.
Let's recap
This is what you're getting when you join Brad's Landlord Live Event:
  Landlord Event (Value $2,997): LIVE Session - Life doesn't come with a manual, but it can come with a mentor if you are smart. This is for individuals looking to build and grow their identities in order to attract success in their lives. A wealth-changing virtual experience – 2 days of proven strategies and practical tools for transforming your life your relationships, your health and of course your business and wealth.
 Bonus #1 - 90 Days To Revolutionize Your Life (Value $2,997) FREE:  90 Days to Revolutionize your LIFE" is a 90-day stream of hard-won principles that I have personally developed over the past 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor. 
 Bonus #2 - Pay in FULL 2nd Person (Value $2,997) FREE:  Two minds are better than one they say. Who would be on your list to bring with you ...? A family member, your spouse or partner, a friend who you know wants success and wealth the same way you do ... or maybe your child or grandchild ... the choice is yours when you pay up front ...

total: $8,994

you pay: $ 5,997

**you save: $2,997

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YOU PAY: $ 5,997

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Next live event Starts...

October 11th - 12th, 2023, From 7am - 2pm PST

We've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world,

Here's What They Have to Say...

Created By Brad Sugars

As a pioneer in the business coaching industry, Brad Sugars’ mission is to give entrepreneurs and business owners the proven tools needed to start making more cash, working more efficiently, and enjoying more of what they actually like to do.

Widely known as one of the top business coaches in the world, Brad has 30+ years of business experience, is currently the CEO of numerous companies, and is the owner of the multi-million dollar franchise ActionCOACH®.

"Being a successful entrepreneur isn't about "hustle and grind." If you work harder than everyone and have no idea what you're doing, you still won't get anywhere.

When you’re starting or growing your businesses, you need clear systems and action plans to systematically create wealth - so you can work smarter, not harder. After all a true business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. That’s why you must “learn before you earn."

- Brad Sugars


Where/when is LANDLORD?

This year's LANDLORD events will be held on:
- October 11th-12th, 2023, from 7am - 2pm PST. 

How will I access the online links for each day?

Links and passwords for each day will be emailed one week prior to start of LANDLORD. You will also have access to them in your portal.

Is my ticket refundable?

All tickets are 100% refundable within 14 days of the event. To request a refund, please contact our support team.
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