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Lesson #1: The Entrepreneurial Ladder

Understand how wealth happens, and identify where you are in the entrepreneurial ladder so that you can plan how to start climbing.

Lesson #2: Learn Success Step by Step 

The formula for success is actually not complex, but you need to understand each step. Discover how this simple formula works to create success in all areas of your life!

Lesson #3: Make your Dreams and Goals Reality with This Formula

Discover what you need to do to get everything you want in life.

Lesson #4: Leverage: Work Once, Get Paid Forever

What is leverage and how can you apply it to your life so that you can continuously create wealth?

Lesson #5: The Fundamentals of Wealth

Real wealth is not just about the money; It is having the money and the time and health to invest it. Learn the fundamentals of wealth and start getting your time back so that you can get real freedom

Lesson #6: Grow Your Profits Step by Step

Discover the "secret" formula and strategies to massively grow profits in any business. This Formula will turn your business into a high-powered profit machine ... 

Lesson #7: This is How You Attract and Retain Customers!

In order to succeed and scale, the goal of a company should be to buy and keep customers. Learn what it means to buy lifetime customers. 

Lesson #8: Create A Winning Team Step by Step!

Discover the recipe to assembling a motivated team that will take your business to new heights of productivity, profitability and fun. Understand the role of strong leadership and be the inspiration and guidance for high returns and strong team building.

Lesson #9: Learn How To Create Exponential Growth in your Business!

Learn what exponential growth is and how you can apply it to businesses. Exponential growth comes down to five principles. 

Lesson #10: How To Make Real Money in Business!

The real value of a business is determined by its profitability. Brad will take you through what it takes to make real money in business. 

Lesson #11: Discover How To Create Real Wealth!

There's one area of wealth creation that is fundamental to learn: Real Estate. If you want to create real wealth, this is what you need to learn. 

Lesson #12: Make Money Work For You!

Wealth creation isn't just about making money ... It's about money making money! Learn what it takes to achieve this. 

Created By Brad Sugars

As a pioneer in the business coaching industry, Brad Sugars’ mission is to give entrepreneurs and business owners the proven tools needed to start making more cash, working more efficiently, and enjoying more of what they actually like to do.

Widely known as one of the top business coaches in the world, Brad has 30+ years of business experience, is currently the CEO of numerous companies, and is the owner of the multi-million dollar franchise ActionCOACH®.

"Being a successful entrepreneur isn't about "hustle and grind." If you work harder than everyone and have no idea what you're doing, you still won't get anywhere.

When you’re starting or growing your businesses, you need clear systems and action plans to systematically create wealth - so you can work smarter, not harder. After all a true business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. That’s why you must “learn before you earn."

- Brad Sugars

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